1. Upstate. There were no changes other than the crop. It was such ridiculous light like I’ve never seen before. 

  2. Val.

  3. Printing some of these this week, too. Arizona Desert

  4. From my recent climbing trip! This is near Monte Perdido in the Pyrenee’s, Spain.

    There’s also some 35mm prints that I’m in the process of scanning/printing/and framing really large that will be for sale!

  5. Lads do you mind

  6. Currently slightly off and on the grid in the Pyrenees alps France, climbing. This is last night’s basecamp.
    I’ve been shooting mostly 35mm tri-x on this trip which in a month will be printed very large and framed, in NYC. Print shop soon!

  7. Arizona #christophercollie #mobilephone

  8. A couple of things I love. Cycling and black and white photos. Shot during the Women’s Crit in Redhook, Brooklyn. It was pouring rain and these gutsy folk ripped around the course on track bikes. #redhookcrit #cycling #colliephotoco

  9. Andes, Peru from above at 6am en-route to Cusco. Pretty cool peaks. Definitely my favourite photo mission. #colliephotoco

  10. Bryan, Rockaway, NY. Cheers for the portrait bro. 7mm gloves in this weather

  11. What a dude. Ariel at Rockaway Beach, NY. Thanks man!

  12. NEWWORKNEWWORKNEWWORK! Shooting a project on the dudes who manage to still get a wave while living in New York. These are the first rolls of film I’ve got back. Gonna keep shooting ‘cos I’m really into shooting portraits now.

  14. My photo shot for Cohaesive up on Outside’s website - featuring their technology which is actually pretty amazing yet so simple. Link here

  15. Business Time #2